Installation view of Bufo Bufo (aeons below) at Deptford X, London (UK), 2017.
HD video and sound(06:20), custom-made stand, inflatable seat, silicone blobs.
Set in a no-space land, the toad, a mythological creature of endless age, is a post-gender proxy inhabiting the present in a digital sphere which resembles itself endlessly.
The script is inspired by Russian Cosmism and Nietzsches writing on time. It opens up a culmination of parallel events and issues within cyber-thinking and transhumanism's wish to extend life debating ideas of ‘techno-utopia’.
Installation view of Bufo Bufo (aeons below) at Parsec, Bologna (IT), 2022.
HD video and sound(06:20), custom-made stand.
Photographs by Francesca Dondi.
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