I'm a multi-disciplinary artist working with video, sound, installation, sculpture, and writing. Year 2022 saw my second hometown, Severodonetsk, destroyed, which fuels the investigative side of my practice and keeps me from disappearing and staying silent.
My artistic research seeks to converge unexpected connections between deeply researched biological and cultural phenomena that are intertwined in unusual criss-crosses to examine the relationship between the self and technology in a tentacular network. Thus the work contemplates ‘nature vs culture’ as a hybrid form that exists as a space for transformation, rather than something solid. Somewhere where technology creates points of tension in our everyday existence and identity can shift into something else.
My projects are most often experienced through full installations, which are arranged around carefully created sound, image and light. Everything is holistic, just like the world and my view of it.

If a short logline was to describe my practice, it would read as follows:
‘The connection between the rave, the love story, the analogue, the hypertechy, the cross-hatching of nature and artifice folding in on each other, creating new hybrids, new myths created by new finds, new plutocracy, globalisation, falling apart, new hope, dykey powers in new constellations.’
At the moment, and for a while, I'm focusing on Queer Joy.

Link to downloadable portfolio.
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